'Planket' x 2

One last post before I go - these are such a great idea and too good not to share - introducing the 'Planket'!

My kids love the comforts of home when they travel especially their fleece blankets so when I stumbled across the idea of the 'Planket' = Pillow + Blanket I was sold. Especially for flying it is one less thing to carry on board :-)

Fold the blanket into thirds - plus a bit depending on it's size
Fold the blanket again into thirds upwards toward the pillow

Insert folded blanket into pillow flap

And you have a pillow - with a hidden blanket :-)

The kids testing them out - the last photo I have named, 'Cranky and Planky' - she is not pretending to yawn!

About the hardest part of the project is inserting the cushion - it is a very very easy project and Hamish thought it was the coolest thing ever.
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