27 janeiro, 2012

cabelo de boneca romântico

In this tutorial you can learn how to make the hair for a doll like in the photo below.

First you measure how long you want the hair to be. For this doll the hair is 12”  (31 cm) long; from the end on the left side to the end on the right side (see picture 1). Wind the yarn loosely and evenly around a 6” piece of card board until the card is filled (see picture 2), then cut across one edge (see picture 3), repeat as needed.

Draw a line on your doll’s head, starting from her forehead all the way over her head to middle back of head (or use pins, 1st pin on middle of forehead, 2nd pin on middle top of head, 3rd pin on middle back of head).
Hold 4 strands of yarn together, fold in half, sew on the line you’ve drawn earlier on your doll’s head using back stitch, starting from forehead to middle back of head. (see pictures below)

Hold 18 strands of yarn in the front together (right & left side) but make sure they lie neatly next to one another, sew on 2 sides of the face as in pictures below.

Take 6 strands from these 18 strands on both sides and tie them together on the back of head.

Take the rest and tie together on the back of head with colorful yarns.

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